Gold & Bronze Cruelty-free Eye Shadow Bases

I took a look through my collection recently and realized I have a number of gold and bronze products that I use as eye shadow bases to intensify the colour payoff of my shadows. I’ve accumulated these across a few years, including from before two of the brands resumed testing on animals. Here are the swatches below including a before and after shot of fresh swatches and then after I washed them off with some soap and water. Most come off with a makeup remover but the gel liner by Makeup Geek needs to be broken down with an oil (I used sweet almond oil) before it will wash off with soap or a makeup remover. It’s very long lasting.

Gold and Bronze Eye Shadow Bases

For those who are concerned that I decided to include these products in this post, I did so as an educational piece to let people know that these products are by companies who test on animals and to also show them that there are better alternatives to these two companies who remain cruelty-free. I’ve had the M.A.C paint pot for about two years now (before they started selling in China) and the product is still smooth to the touch. The Urban Decay pencil I purchased before I began boycotting them when they were bought out by L’Oréal Cosmetics.

As you can see the Makeup Geek gel liner is an incredibly pigmented base, is very long lasting and is waterproof. They can be used as liner, an eye shadow base or as an eye shadow. It is very long lasting and needs to be taken off with a good waterpoof makeup remover or you can use a natural oil (oilive, sweet almond, argon, etc.) to break down the product and easily wash it away.

In second place is the Ben Nye creams that are water resistant but do break down a bit with soap. They are great bases as well but need a primer underneath and cannot be worn alone as they crease very easily. The texture of these is very emollient and they retain this texture even after they are applied and given time to dry. See my review here. I’ve had this wheel for two years and it has not dried out on me even though it’s in a plastic container that clearly is not air tight. Of the other bases here, this wheel is the best deal because you get six colours for $17 USD/$25 CAD. That’s about $3-6 per colour.

The NYX Jumbo Pencils come in third place for longevity and makes a great base for eye shadows. It’s the most affordable base on its own at $4.50 USD/$6 CAD and has a smooth, emollient consistency similar to the Ben Nye cream bases. Also like the Ben Nye bases, these crease like mad and cannot be worn on their own. They also wash off almost completely with soap and water, and come off easily with makeup remover.

This pencil is marketed as an eyeshadow pencil but I find it creases a lot on me (even with a primer) so I use it as a base for other shadows. It’s very pigmented so for those who don’t have a creasing issue, they can use this alone. In the picture it looks darker than it really is when blended out with a brush. The consistency is very smooth and easy to apply to the lid and blend out. Personally, I think it’s a good product but I think it’s overpriced at $24 even if it didn’t crease on me.

M.A.C Paint Pots are very popular and many people’s go-to colour bases but at $25 CAD a pop it’s hella expensive. They do apply very smoothly and have a beautiful finish but these crease on me unless I use a primer with them. They also aren’t as vibrant as other bases I’ve used and even if it didn’t crease on me, I would never use them on their own because they’re not that pigmented. M.A.C also tests on animals so I no longer purchase products from them.

High vs Low End: M.A.C Fluidline vs. Wet ‘n Wild Crème Eyeliner

I had heard time and time again that the Wet ‘n Wild gel eyeliner was a dupe for the M.A.C fluidline. I really loved my fluidline so after M.A.C started testing on animals again I was really really frustrated that I had to find a replacement. While in the States I picked up the Wet ‘n Wild gel liner, which came with an angled brush and gave it a go.

My first attempt using it was with the angled brush it came with and I thought it was really dry and hard to apply. I then switched to using a pointed liner brush and found that it was much easier to apply. It still wasn’t as creamy and smooth as the M.A.C gel liner but it had the same level of intensity (see above) and it ended up lasting much longer than the M.A.C liner. I’d say in terms of quality, pigmentation and longevity the Wet ‘n Wild gel liner is definitely a dupe for the M.A.C fluidline gel liner.

Price $18 CAD $7 CAD Wet ‘n Wild
Amount 3g of product 3.5g of product Wet ‘n Wild
Pigmentation Medium black (dark but not intense) Medium black (dark but not intense) Tie
Texture & Application Creamy and soft making it easier to apply Harder and drier so not as easy to apply M.A.C
Longevity Lasts most of the day but fades Lasts all day with minimal fading Wet ‘n Wild
Packaging Glass jar with a twist-off lid Plastic jar with a twist-off lid Depends on your preference – M.A.C is heavier but more durable & both are recyclable
Availability in Canada M.A.C stores and M.A.C counters Walmart, some Shoppers Drug Marts Pretty equal depending on your location
Cruelty-free M.A.C tests on animals and is not cruelty-free Wet ‘n Wild does not test on animals and are cruelty-free Wet ‘n Wild
Other Does not come with an applicator Comes with an angled vegan brush Wet ‘n Wild

Review: Joe Fresh Black Gel Eyeliner vs. M.A.C Fluidline in Blacktrack

After finding out that M.A.C was no longer cruelty-free about 6 months ago I’ve been on the hunt for a dupe to replace it with once I finished the pot. At that point I was about halfway done the container so I had some time to find an alternative. I picked up the Joe Fresh gel eyeliner in black to try out against my M.A.C one and although I wouldn’t call it an exact dupe, it’s pretty close. Here is a visual summary of it.

As you can see with it beside the My M.A.C Fluidline, it is much more intense. I will say though that my M.A.C Fluidline is about a year old so it might have faded.

It is very water resistant, maybe even waterproof. If my eyes were watering I have full confidence this won’t smear on my face, but I don’t really think I could take a shower with it on and have it stay completely in place. It definitely holds up better than my M.A.C Fluidline for this as the Fluidline.

The Joe Fresh gel eyeliner lasts all day and looks almost as fresh as when I applied it. In comparison, I found my M.A.C Fluidline would fade by the end of the day, especially if I wore a winged eyeliner – the winged ends would be faded or completely gone.

PRICE – Joe Fresh
The cost is very affordable at $8 for a jar of 2.5g. A jar of M.A.C fluidline is the same amount for $18. Both jars are glass with a plastic twist-off lid.

Joe Fresh cosmetics aren’t really readily available. If you’re in Canada and in a major city it shouldn’t be hard to find them as they are sold in almost all Loblaws-owned stores (Loblaws, Superstore, etc.). I’m not sure if they are available yet in the States, and as far as I know, they are not available anywhere else internationally. M.A.C on the other hand is available in most countries and you can purchase their products off their website.

Although the Joe Fresh gel eyeliner is quite smooth, it isn’t as smooth as the M.A.C Fluidline. I found that I had to really play around with the Joe Fresh liner and eventually found my groove with it, whereas the M.A.C Fluidline is more beginner friendly. The Joe Fresh liner also dries on the skin more quickly (which probably gives it its water resistant quality) so it’s not as forgiving if you’re not very good at applying gel liner.

As M.A.C is no longer a cruelty-free company [read here] I have discontinued my purchases from them. Joe Fresh is a cruelty-free company. They’re also Canadian. :)

Overall I really like the Joe Fresh gel eyeliner. Because it is water resistant and dries so quickly I have to wash my brush after I’m done since it makes the bristles really hard. With my M.A.C Fluidline I found that I could just spot clean it by wiping off the excess on a tissue and use it again the next day. So the Joe Fresh gel eyeliner ensures that I keep my brushes clean, which is more hygienic. Here is my rating for it.

OVERALL: 4 out of 5

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