How To: Make Your Own Deodorant

I had switched from anti-persperants to deodorants a little while back and since then have been on the hunt for the best deodorant. I’ve tried out a few things so far but it’s been a struggle so I was really happy to see this video by Jackie, aka lilpumpkinpie05. She recently made the switch herself and decided to make her own deodorant. I think I’ll try out her formula and see how it works out for me. The only problem is it uses coconut oil and I dislike the smell of coconut. But if this works then I just need to suck it up.

This was her recipe:
∗ 1 tbsp Cornstarch
∗ 3/4 tbsp Bakingsoda
∗ 1/2 – 1 tbsp Coconut oil

Check out her video here. There are some interesting comments in there with other people’s home remedies.

Shirley B. Eniang’s DIY Necklace

Wow, this DIY necklace video by Shirley B. Eniang is amazing! I love watching DIY videos because it’s so creative and hands-on. I miss the days when I had the time to create things. Every now and then I keep telling myself that I should get a sketch book and start drawing again. I used to love drawing as a kid and it’s such a relaxing and inexpensive hobby. Anyway, check out this amazing video. I would make it myself but for my petite frame I can’t pull off large necklaces. It’s a shame because this one is really beautiful.

M.A.C Wisteria Eye Trio Look – Silver, Blue, Black

UPDATE: Estée Lauder and all of their subsidiary companies, including M.A.C, Clinique, Smashbox and Aveda, are no longer cruelty-free (read read here) as they have resumed live animal testing in order to sell in China. Due to this change I am boycotting all brands owned by Estée Lauder and will no longer be purchasing from them. All products I own will be used up and not repurchased.

I created this look using the M.A.C Limited Edition Dame Edna eye shadow palette called Wisteria Eye Trio. The blue colour looks more vivid in person than in this picture. I’m not sure why this is called wisteria since all the wisterias I’ve ever seen have been white, pink and purple. I don’t think there are any wisterias that are blue, but I could be wrong. This look uses a shimmery silver shadow (luster), a semi-matte sky blue (velvet) and a soft matte black shadow (velvet).

1. Prime the lid with an eye primer.
2. Medium shadow brush – pat blue shadow to outer 3/4 of eyelid
3. Small shadow brush – pat silver shadow to inner 1/4 of eyelid and tear duct
4. Pencil brush – pat soft black shadow into crease from base of eye upwards
5. Blending brush – blend soft black shadow into the blue
6. Pencil brush – apply more soft black to bottom corner crease and blend
7. Repeat until an obvious gradient smokey effect has occurred
8. Blending brush – brush soft black shadow away from the eye to make a point
9. Angle brush – line top lid with soft black eye shadow
10. Tightline pencil eyeliner to top lid and to waterline
11. Pencil brush – smudge out eyeliner on bottom lid
12. Detailer brush – pat silver shadow to inner tear duct
13. Curl lashes and apply one to two coats of mascara

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