How Long Does Vasanti’s Wonders of the World Under Eye & Blemish Concealer Last?

I’ve been loving Vasanti Wonders of the World Under Eye & Blemish Concealer ever since I got it a year and a half ago (read review here). I tested it out against a couple of other peachy orange based correctors, such as the Bobbi Brown one (before Bobbi Brown began testing on animals again) and preferred the Vasanti one over it (read review here).

I purchased my first Vasanti Wonders of the World Under Eye & Blemish Concealer in January 2012 and have been using it pretty much everyday except on the odd day I wouldn’t wear makeup or when I was trying out the Bobbi Brown concealer. I finally ran out of it in July 2013, a year and a half later and have already repurchased my next one. I think it’s a pretty good deal for $17 since it’s a fabulous product and lasts a year and a half. That’s pretty much $1 a month.

After using this for a year I have two cons about this product.

1. The square design makes it really hard to get the last little bits of product out. I use my ring finger to get the product out as the warmth in my finger softens the product and makes it easier to apply on the delicate under eye skin. I had to use a tiny detail brush to get the final products out of the corner. It would be better if the corners were rounded.

2. I used the corrector (orange shade) almost exclusively as I found the concealer (beige shade) to be too light for my skin tone. It made my undereyes look ashy and would be good for someone with an olive complexion. Plus I found that using the corrector over my foundation acted like a concealer anyway. Personally I would prefer if Vasanti sold the orange corrector on its own. I feel bad wasting products and I have no use for this concealer. I now have to find someone that could use it since I hate tossing things when they’re still usable.

Other than that this is a fantastic product and I highly recommend it to anyone with dark circles or spots they need to conceal. I can’t imagine using any other product.

Review: Time Balm Concealer by TheBalm

Name: Time Balm Concealer
Formula: Pigmented cream
Shade: Mid Medium
Packaging: Plstic jar with a twist-up lid
Cost: $18 CAD, $18 USD
Amount: 0.25 oz.
Availability:, Sephora,
Vegan: Not sure
Cruelty-free: Yes
Paraben-free: Yes
Sulfate-free: Yes

After reading great reviews about the pigmentation of this concealer I decided to pick it up during a sale on Hautelook when it was 50% off. I got the shade of Mid Medium, which was the appropriate shade for me but I do find it a tad bit ashy. It doesn’t have enough orange in it to be good for concealing undereye circles so I have to use it in conjunction with my Vasanti Wonders of the World Under Eye & Blemish Concealerhere. As you can see below, they work well together to correct and conceal.

The consistency of the Time Balm concealer is creamy but on the dry side. I either apply it with my Real Techniques deluxe crease brush when I use it in conjunction with another product which is more creamy, or with my ring finger when I use it alone. Using it with my finger softens the product with the heat of my finger making it easier to apply and blend into my foundation.

∗ Good pigmentation
∗ Comes in 6 shades
∗ Available at a number of places
∗ Cruelty-free

∗ A bit pricey in comparison to drug store prices
∗ Darker shades are ashy and need to be used with an orange concealer
∗ Creases badly, which is minimized by setting it with powder

Overall this is a highly pigmented concealer and is a good product. I don’t know if I would purchase this again only because I primarily use it as an under eye concealer. It is better used as a face concealer since it creases and doesn’t conceal dark circles without leaving the skin ashy looking.

OVERALL: 4 out of 5
RECOMMEND: Yes but only as a face concealer (not undereye concealer)

Review: Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil

UPDATE: Urban Decay has been acquired by L’Oreal Cosmetics, a company that is notorious for animal testing (read here). Due to this change in ownership I am boycotting Urban Decay and will no longer be purchasing from them. All Urban Decay products I own will be used up and not repurchased.

Name: Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil
Shade: DOD
Formula: Creamy stick concealer
Packaging: Pencil (needs sharpening)
Cost: $22 CAD, $18 USD
Amount: 0.12 oz, 3.5 g
Availability (Canada): Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora
Vegan: No
Cruelty-free: Yes
Paraben-free: No
Leaping Bunny approved: Yes

I picked up this pencil a couple of months ago at my local Sephora store. I had seen some reviews on youtube and was in the market for a high-coverage concealer so I decided to try this out. Normally I would have asked for a sample to try out but before the staff at my Sephora were really terrible and treated you like you were ripping them off if you asked to sample anything.

So I tested out the colour at the store and picked up the pencil. Well, the formula did not work out for me and I ended up returning it. The main reason was that the colour was the best match for my skin tone but it was so ashy. I expected better from Urban Decay.

1. It went from a creamy texture to a matte finish
2. Could work on the face or under eyes (with a moisturizer)
3. Good colour selection

1. Availability is only at Sephora and some Shoppers Drug Marts
2. Cost is too high – $22 is overpriced in my opinion
3. Turns ashy on darker skin tones

OVERALL: 2 out of 5
REPURCHASE: No (I returned it)
RECOMMEND: Not to anyone with a darker skin tone

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