4 Cruelty-Free Makeup Value Kits for Christmas Under $50

There are some fantastic value kits being sold at Sephora right not for Christmas that I am so tempted to buy…for myself…tee hee. Check these out. All of the kits listed below are cruelty-free, meaning that the company does not test their products or ingredients on animals nor do they sell their products in countries that require mandatory animal testing. Not all companies included are vegan, meaning some of their products may contain animal ingredients.

1. Too Faced – La Crème de La Crème Long Lasting Lip Collection ($44 CAD | $34 USD)

Too Faced La Crème de La Crème Long Lasting Lip Collection

This kit includes two lipsticks in Naked Dolly and Spice Spice Baby, a lip liner in Perfect Spice and their Lip Insurance lip primer. I’ve never tried the these lip sticks of their lip liners but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. I have tried the lip primer and I really like it. I use it when I’m wearing darker lipsticks that tend to feather out, which is a very unattractive look.

This kit is less than half the retail price of all of these products on their own and this is a great kit to either try out some of their lip products or stock up on them. The lip sticks and lip liner are both full size and the lip primer is a mini, which is great for traveling with.

Check out the kit here.

2. Tarte – Pure Delights 8-Piece LipSurgence™ Lip Set ($41 CAD | $34 USD)

Tarte Pure Delights 8-Piece LipSurgence Lip Set

I absolutely love Tarte’s LipSurgence lip balms. They are so moisturizing and the pigmentation on them is great. They’re not fully opaque, but opaque enough to wear as an alternative to a lipstick. I like wearing these at work in the winter when my lips are more prone to drying out quickly but they still give me colour on my lips. They’re fantastic and I cannot rave about these enough.

The only downside to them is their price. Their regular price for a full size is $29 CAD each, which is pretty steep. This kit includes 8 of their mini sizes, which are prefect to keep in a purse. Four of them are more matte and four are glossy. For a full review check out this video by Petitepearstyle where she provides swatches of each one on her hand and lips.

Check out the kit here.

3. Stila – Holiday Essentials Kit ($25 CAD | $19 USD)

Stila Holiday Essentials Kit

This is a smaller kit that includes a waterproof liquid eyeliner in Intense Black, Stila’s famous Kitten eyeshadow and their liquid lipstick in Beso. I’ve never tried any of these products but at $25 for all it’s a pretty great deal to try them out.

The three of these are packaged together to create a kit for the essentials to create a perfect holiday look – a shimmery eye with winged liner and a glossy red lip. It is a pretty classic holiday look that nobody can go wrong with. The kitten eyeshadow is their best selling eyeshadow so getting a full-size version in this kit is a pretty nice deal.

Check out the kit here.

4. Make Up Forever – Ever Lasting Liners Set ($47 CAD | $39 USD)

Make Up Forever - Ever Lasting Liners Set

I’ve never tried MUF eyeliners but they’re supposed to be really good. They’re waterproof and smudge proof and are supposed to be very long lasting. This kit includes 3 full-sized liners in matte brown, iridescent navy blue, and matte black, and 3 mini-sized liners in purple, champagne, and forest green. I like that they picked everyday colours for the full-size pencils since they will get used more than the other three.

These liners would also be good as bases for shadows. You’d have to apply the shadows before the liner dries though since it’s waterproof and will dry completely rather than staying tacky. I’m a sucker for coloured eyeliners so I’m really tempted to get this kit for myself.

Check out the kit here.

History of Boxing Day

Boxing Day falls on Dec 26 every year and was traditionally the day when people would box up leftovers or unused items to give to those in need. It follows Christmas Day on Dec 25 and is celebrated here in Canada as a statutory holiday. It is now known as the day that has mad sales after Christmas, and many people have the tradition of living up outside stores early on the 26th to get in and buy lots of stuff on sale. It’s basically the equivalent of Black Friday in the US, the day after Thanksgiving when stores will have crazy sales.

Once I found out what Boxing Day really was about I found it really sad that we have taken an occasion which was supposed to be about philanthropy and is now about mass consumerism and gluttony. I’ve never really been a fan of Boxing Day shopping and now I have another reason to not like it. I personally would like to go back to what Boxing Day is about and use it as a means to provide goods and services for those in need. My husband and I have made a list of charities we would like to provide funds to and have donated to them for Boxing Day instead of buying more stuff for ourselves or people who already have enough stuff.

Alternative Christmas Presents: Giving To Charities

Three years ago my husband and I started a tradition where we would sit down and make a list of charities that we want to provide donations to. We already donate to three on a monthly basis, but there are so many causes that we feel for that we just don’t have the funds to support regularly. So instead we give them a lump sum donation during Christmas time. The first year we tried it out we just loved it and decided we would do it every year. Depending on our financial situation we determine how many charities we want to support and how much.

Here are a couple that are on my list that are beauty/health related that have to do with preventing animal testing and supporting alternative and humane methods.

Leaping Bunny – leapingbunny.org
Leaping Bunny was founded in 1996 by eight national animal protection groups to address consumer’s frustrations on the lack of information and transparency about animal testing in cosmetics and household products. These eight organizations came together to form the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). They are the only internationally recognized certification and they have a very strict policy on no animal testing for companies to qualify for their program.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) – humanseal.org
Are you interested in donating to medical research charities but are unsure which are animal friendly (as in choose not to use live animal testing)? This website provides information on charities that do not conduct outdated and cruel testing on animals and choose to use alternative methods such as in vitro cell and tissue cultures, microfluidic circuits, computer modeling, microdosing, and epidemiological studies.

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