Milani Cosmetics Is Now Certified By Leaping Bunny

Woo hoo! Among the recent news of notorious cruelty-free companies being bought out by companies that test on animals *cough*NYX, Tarte and Urban Decay*cough*, it’s nice to get news about companies that are committed to being cruelty-free. Milani Cosmetics were just added to Leaping Bunny’s cruelty-free list this month, giving consumers one more drugstore company they can trust with their anti-animal testing stance.

When a company is certified by Leaping Bunny it means that Leaping Bunny has completed a full audit and has confirmed that no animal testing is conducted by the company, a third party or the manufacturers of their raw ingredients. It is the most stringent and comprehensive certification for cruelty-free products in the world. See their full list of cruelty-free companies here.

Here is Milani’s official animal testing statement off of their website.

Milani's Animal Testing PolicySource: Milani Cosmetics website

Milani Cosmetics are sold in Walmart and on in Canada.

L’OCCITANE’s Animal Testing Policy

RESEARCH: Regarding animal testing
ANSWERS: They test on animals when required by law (they sell in China)
RESULT: Not cruelty-free

Here is the animal testing policy from L’OCCITANE that I obtained from their website here. They claim that they are against animal testing but choose to stay in China (which requires animal testing) because “…given the limited economic and political weight of L’OCCITANE, ceasing to sell our products in China will not do anything to change local regulations. Instead, to move forward we decided to develop relationship with the Chinese authorities to pledge the case for the ending of animal testing for beauty products, through open dialogue.”

So basically, they are choosing profit over animal welfare and sugar coating it by trying to convince consumers that they’re staying in the market as animal rights advocates. It’s the same BS that other major companies use too and I’m not buying it. You don’t have to be within the market to advocate for change. I’m classifying them as not cruelty-free.

L’OCCITANE's Animal Testing Policy

SOURCE: Statement from L’OCCITANE on Animal Testing

For a list of animal testing policies by companies I’ve contacted, check out the list here: List of Animal Testing Policies by Companies.

São Paulo Bans Animal Testing On Cosmetics

Great news! São Paulo is the first state in Brazil to ban animal testing for cosmetics. There will be a fine placed on any institution that does not comply in the amount of $435,000 per animal and will be doubled for repeat offenders. The currency isn’t specified, but I’m guessing that’s in USD. That’s a steep price tag! The new ban will affect just over 700 of the 2,300 cosmetic companies in Brazil. I have not found any information on when the ban will take effect.

Animal rights advocates are pushing for a ban for the entire country of Brazil. Good luck to them all and cudos to those who helped push this ban forward! I only hope we can have this happen in Canada as well.

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+ Humane Society International

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