How Do I Start Going Cruelty-free?

This is the first in a series of posts that I am writing in participation of the #becrueltyfree campaign. Between March 9-14 it is Be Crueltyfree Week in which bloggers and vloggers have been asked to produce content in support of ending animal testing in the cosmetic industry.

First off, thank you for making the decision to go cruelty-free. I made the transition about 4 years ago and it has been challenging but rewarding. Here are my tips to get you through this process based on my experiences.

1. Remember it is a transition and it cannot be achieved overnight
I won’t lie to you and say the transition is easy. It’s not. At the beginning it can get overwhelming and frustrating when you suddenly realize a lot of your favourite brands and go-to products are not cruelty-free. When you make the decision you’ll feel a sudden sense of urgency to rid yourself of all these products and then feel exasperated when you cannot seem to find a suitable replacement immediately.

You’ve grown accustomed to your favourite products so it will take time to find a suitable replacement. After 4 years, I’m still looking for some replacements that live up to the products I purged from my life. Keep reminding yourself that this takes time and you don’t have to be perfect. Do what you can and that’s what matters.

2. Replace products in batches and not all at once
It is unrealistic to think you can find cruelty-free alternatives immediately. A good approach is to replace products as you finish them up. If you know you’ll have to replace your foundation in a couple of weeks, start doing your research on what cruelty-free options are there for you.

I suggest checking out the Leaping Bunny cosmetic shopping list as a starting point. You can also check out reviews on my blog for cruelty-free products and Logical Harmony for vegan products.

You can also check out my list of companies and their animal testing policies to find out which ones are cruelty-free and which ones aren’t.

3. You will screw up, and that’s ok
I cannot even remember the number of times I would buy products thinking they’re cruelty-free when they weren’t and then beating myself up over it after. I had to accept that with time I would have more knowledge and make better choices. The point was that I was trying and eventually I would get it right.

Good luck with your journey!

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  1. I started going cruelty free quite some time ago. I actually can remember in 5th grade when I went to the drugstore with a list of all the deodorant brands that didn’t test! I still have products that aren’t cruelty free, but I’m looking or replacements for them. The tough thing is when a holy grail that works amazingly isn’t cruelty free… but I’m working on it :)

  2. I went cruelty free just over a year ago and I don’t regret it, but I agree that it’s not easy! You’re totally right though, it’s important to remember that you’re making the effort and that’s what counts :) xx


  3. I’ve recently turned to being Cruelty-Free, though It was at the back of my mind for longer than a year.
    I am still adapting, I agree it is a temporal transition. I keep reading C-F posts to keep myself reminding as well. :)

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