Hourglass Cosmetics Is Cruelty-free

Do they test their products on animals? No Online statement (see below)
Do they use third party testing? No Online statement (see below)
Do they use ingredients tested on animals? No Online statement (see below)
Are they owned by a parent company who tests on animals? No Humanely Chic blog post (see below)
Are their products vegan (they contain no animal ingredients)? Some are Online statement (see below)
Do they sell in countries that require animal testing? No Online statement (see below)
Are they on Peta’s cruelty-free list? Yes Peta’s website
Are they certified by Leaping Bunny? No Not on Leaping Bunny’s Color Cosmetics list

I had a commenter recently ask about Hourglass Cosmetics so I decided to check to see what their policy was. I’ve never used their products so I had never looked into it. Here is what they state on the FAQ page on their website.

Animal Testing
As a cruelty-free brand, Hourglass does not incorporate animal testing into our development phase or at the production level. We do not provide authorization to any third parties to perform animal testing on our products. In addition, Hourglass does not retail within any country that requires animal testing.

Many Hourglass products are produced without animal-derived ingredients. Please consult our on-line product descriptions or those on Hourglass packaging for the complete list of “free of” ingredients.

Additionally, I found this post on Humanely Chic in which Hourglass stated that they are a private company and are not affiliated with any other company that conducts animal testing.

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