Sugarpill Cosmetics Shipping to Canada: COD Charges

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I recently made my first purchase of Sugarpill Cosmetics products off of their website. I had previously gotten their heartbreaker palette through a friend, but it was the first time I made an order myself. Here is my experience shopping with Sugarpill. This post is not to bash on the company at all. It’s only to provide information to other Canadian consumers who want to know what to expect when ordering and shipping to Canada.


On their website they state the following about shipping outside of the U.S.:

“Please be aware that orders shipped to destinations outside the United States are subject to taxes, duties, brokerage fees, and all other expenses related to the import of products into that country from the United States. Sugarpill is not able to add these fees to your order before checkout.”


So basically I couldn’t pay the customs and duty charges upfront with my purchase and had to pay cash on delivery (COD) charges when my package arrived. What always bothers me about this is that because my mail is delivered while I’m at work I have to go to the post office and pick it up. I’d rather pay it up front so I know exactly how much I’m going to pay, but that is just the downside of U.S. shipping to Canada. Here is the breakdown of my charges in Canadian dollars.

Sugarpill Cost
Value of goods: $121.68
Shipping charged: $0 (they offer free shipping over $100)

Extra Cost
Duty: $0
Excise tax: $0
GST/HST: $15.82
PST: $0
Handling costs: $9.95
Total extra cost: $25.77


I received a confirmation email the same day I made my purchase from Sugarpill and then received an email 6 days later telling me that my order had shipped. From the latter email it took two weeks to get delivered. Note that I live in Toronto so if you live in more rural areas then the shipping time will probably be longer. Also according to the tracking notice, it arrived in Vancouver and then was shipped to Toronto so if you live in Western Canada your shipping time might be shorter.


I made my purchase during the Black Friday sale so everything I bought was 20% off. I basically broke even since I didn’t have to pay for shipping since my order was over $100. So my recommendation for Canadians wanting to purchase off of Sugarpill is to wait for a sale because you probably will get COD charges. Also wait to stock up because otherwise you’ll also have to pay for shipping.

The other option is to purchase Sugarpill products off of the Makeup Geek website. They don’t have free shipping however in the three times I’ve purchased from their website I’ve never been charged COD. So if you’re not going to spend over $100 then order off of Makeup Geek because you’ll only be charged with shipping since if you order off of Sugarpill then you’ll get charged with shipping and COD.

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    • I don’t think that’s the case. I’ve had to pay duty on a package that was only $20 and I’ve also not gotten charged duty on packages that were more than $100.

  1. $100 is sort of the mark where you are almost guaranteed to have custom charges. While under $20 is what they advertise, most the time it’s not worth the hassle for them and they let most things through. However, over $100 usually always get’s noticed.

    • I could see that being the case, although in my experience it’s about 50/50 whether I have to pay COD on packages over $100. The amount of duty also ranges because they don’t charge it on everything.

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