Weleda Is Cruelty-free

RESEARCH: Regarding animal testing
ANSWERS: They do not test on animals and do not commission animal testing
RESULT: Classified as cruelty-free

Weleda is one of those brands that I’ve seen around for a while but never gave it a second thought. Then I received a sample of one of their face creams and decided to look into them. They are a European company that strives to be eco-friendly, engages in fair trade and cares about environmentally sustainability. They also do not conduct animal testing at any stage of their product production. Here is their animal testing policy.

Weleda currently does not carry out any animal testing in the manufacture, development or quality control of its natural and organic cosmetics, nor does it commission such testing. The company is fundamentally opposed to the use of animal testing.

Nonetheless, product safety is, of course, paramount. Most of the raw materials Weleda uses have been utilized for many years, and their tolerability is therefore well-documented. Before introducing new products to the market, Weleda carries out extensive in-use studies on volunteer subjects. The formulas are subject to toxicological testing in order to ensure their safety, tolerability and efficacy.

As a manufacturer of natural and organic cosmetics with high ethical standards, Weleda has a particular responsibility that it takes extremely seriously. It will continue to strive to avoid animal testing. (Feb 2013)

Source: Weleda Website – FAQ page

For a list of animal testing policies by companies I’ve contacted, check out the list here: List of Animal Testing Policies by Companies.

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  1. Weleda is one of the best organic brands out there and definitely one of my favorites. Some of their products are really without par IMHO.

  2. I nearly purchased a Weleda product but didn’t because I was unsure whether or not they tested on animals and the retailer said because they didn’t have the ‘no testing logo’ on the packet that means they do test on animals. So I did my own research and find the opposite to be true. I wish companies made it clear with a logo or some statement saying they do not test on animals. I will now go back and buy this product but many would have looked for an alternative and stuck with their new buy.

  3. I’ve been looking at Weleda for years, but never purchased until recently. It was started by Dr Rudolph Steiner (who also started the Biodynamics and Permaculture movements, I believe) in 1921. It is completely ethical, and has always been against animal testing. I’m really glad I finally tried their face creams, because they’re gorgeous. I’m now using their hair tonic (for a healthy scalp) and mouth wash (for strengthening the gums) and I love those products also. I think the Weleda products cover all aspects of bodily health care – with toothpastes, hair care, body care, several different face care options, and a new Evening Primrose range that is making my 56 year old skin feel very soft and smooth.

    I don’t know why PETA have taken them off their list, because I’ve done my own research and have found their principles and philosophies to be exemplary.

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