Butter London Is Not Certified By Leaping Bunny

So not too long ago I purchased my first set of Butter London products and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the Leaping Bunny logo on their packaging. I was surprised as I didn’t remember seeing their name on Leaping Bunny’s website so I went online to see if they were recently added. I went to Leaping Bunny’s Nail Care page and they weren’t listed there. I then checked their press release page to see if Butter London had been certified but recently removed from their list and they hadn’t.

This was all really strange so I emailed both Butter London and Leaping Bunny to find out what was going on. Only Leaping Bunny responded to me and Butter London still has to get back to me. Turns out Butter London is using the Leaping Bunny logo without ever being certified. See Leaping Bunny’s response below.

Hi Hotashi,
Good for you for looking for the Leaping Bunny Logo! We like to think of it as a solid indicator that a company is cruelty-free; however, as your case shows, we can’t predict which companies will go ahead and use our logo without permission. Unfortunately, Butter London is not listed in our Compassionate Shopping Guide because it is not certified by our program… yet!

We have written to them encouraging them to become certified by the Leaping Bunny Program. If you’d like, you can write to them, too. The more they hear from consumers who want to buy truly cruelty-free products, the more likely they will be to join our program. You can find a sample letter on our website at www.leapingbunny.org/whatcani.php.

Thanks for your commitment to purchasing products that are not tested on animals!

Wow, I can’t believe Butter London would be that gutsy. To claim to be a vegan brand and care about animals to go ahead and exploit the good name of a reputable cruelty-free certification is so unethical. How is this not false advertising? This just goes to show you that just because a company claims to care about animals doesn’t mean that they aren’t using it solely as a tactic to make a quick buck. In my opinion, it’s just as bad as when Mary Kay, Avon and Estee Lauder started conducting animal testing to sell in China without telling their customers. It’s misleading and unacceptable.

I now refuse to purchase from Butter London. They can go ahead and get certified but I just can’t support a company that is deceitful and exploits well-meaning organizations.

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  1. It’s a shame Butter London is using the Leaping Bunny logo unofficially. I was looking for a new nail polish brand since most mine are OPI and Essie, which neither are cruelty free.

    I found some Zoya polishes on sale at the Eaton’s Centre Trade Secrets a few months ago. I bought one and kinda forgot about it. I just recently found out they are cruelty free and vegan, also they’re free of formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor. I paid around $6 on sale, I think regular price is $10.

    • Hi Krissy. I haven’t tried out Zoya polishes yet but I have heard good things about them. I’ve only seen them at the Eaton’s Centre Trade Secrets too. $10 is less than Butter LONDON polishes.

    • Krispy, if you are looking for cruelty free nail varnish try Nails INC – their nails varnishes are just as good as OPI :)

  2. Hey! My name is Anna and I own a vegan cruelty free nail polish brand in Australia. After reading your blog post I wanted to explain how the labelling on nail polish works. All the ingredients used in every nail polish across the board are listed first. The ‘may contain’ ingredients are all of the ingredients that are used to create the different colours. They do it this way so they can print the same sticker for every bottle. So to me, I read this as some of Butter London’s nail colours actually DO contain guanine.

    Also the leaping bunny is a really hard logo to obtain and yes, you do need to pay a licensing fee to use it, depending on how high your turnover is. The higher your turnover, the more you pay. It’s really difficult to become cruelty free accredited. Not only do you have to not test the final product on animals, neither can anyone within your supply chain or use any animal ingredients in your nail polish. It sounds like Butter London would be using a single ingredient which has been tested on animals (or is an animal product like guanine) , which is why they can’t get accredited by leaping bunny.

    I hope that helps!

    • Hi Anna. Thanks so much for this info about labeling. I know Leaping Bunny is a difficult certification to obtain, but companies don’t have to sell vegan products to get certified. They only need to not test on animals as well as anyone in their supply chain.

      My issue with Butter London is they are not certified and are marketing themselves as if they are. By doing so they are misleading customers and disrespecting Leaping Bunny and the companies who have made the effort to become and maintain certification.

  3. Hey Hotashi,

    Oh no I totally agree! I just re read my response and it came across like I was sticking up for them – which I totally am not! I think it’s REALLY bad from of Butter London and it’s really disappointing to see such big companies taking advantage of the system. I’m not a supporter as I don’t believe you should just by pass the system when you can’t be bothered actually taking the time and effort to be truly vegan and cruelty free. In Australia we have ‘Choose Cruelty Free’ and to get the bunny logo here your products also need to NOT contain any ingredient derived from animal products, therefore making the products vegan.

    Sorry – I hope that clears up what I was trying to say…! I was never good at writing!

    • Hi Anna. Sorry, I didn’t mean to make it out like you were defending them. I knew what you were trying to say but wanted to clarify my point in case someone else read the comment and misinterpreted things. Thanks so much for clarifying and I appreciate the information you’ve provided. :)

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