Lancôme’s Animal Testing Policy

RESEARCH: Regarding animal testing
ANSWERS: They test on animals
RESULT: Personal boycott

I contacted Lancôme a while back to find out their official policy on animal testing. I received a response back from L’Oreal and then learned that they are owned by the L’Oreal Group. Here was their response.

We thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with us regarding animal testing.

In response to your question, we want to inform you that Lancôme, which is part of the L’ORÉAL Group, has carried out no animal testing on its entire range of finished products since 1989.

Moreover, following the 7th modification of the cosmetic directive dated March 11th 2009, it is forbidden to use laboratory animals to evaluate the safety of the cosmetic ingredients and to market products in Europe containing ingredients which were tested on animals after this date.

For many years, the Group has undertaken significant efforts to review its methods of testing for product safety to ensure that it continues to innovate while respecting its commitment to find an alternative solution to animal testing.

It is thanks to 100 years of knowledge in the field of cosmetic ingredients, to the registration of many thousands of toxicological and clinical data, to 30 years of research into alternative methods and to an investment in its ability to regenerate human skin and cornea (Episkin and SkinEthic), that L’ORÉAL is today in a position to meet the objectives of the 7th amendment to EU Cosmetics Directive, applicable from March 11th, 2009.

To meet the full replacement of animal testing methods for cosmetic ingredients set for 2013, L’ORÉAL is working closely with the cosmetics industry, as well as across different industrial sectors and the European Commission, as part of a European partnership.

For additional information, please refer to the Research section or our website at [Sep 28]

Notice that nowhere does it say that they do not conduct animal testing. All they confirm is that they do not conduct animal testing on finished products and that they are in the position to comply with the EU Cosmetics Directive that will replace their animal testing by 2013. Long story short, they still test on animals.

For a list of animal testing policies by companies I’ve contacted, check out the list here: List of Animal Testing Policies by Companies.

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  1. That’s a perfectly ambiguous response. Typical of companies who don’t want to come out and say they test. L’Oreal are one of the worst offenders, so unfortunately, until they change their policy, all their subsidiaries can’t truly be classed as cruelty free. And by many accounts, they’re doing everything they can to postpone the proposed new law in 2013. Naturewatch have very strong feelings towards L’Oreal, and quite rightly so. Here’s what they have to say

    Fingers crossed the total EU ban in March 2013 does not get delayed!

    I really like your blog by the way – very informative.

    Emmie :)

    • Hi Emmie, thanks for stopping by and for the lovely compliment. I try my best to provide sound and reliable information. And thanks for the link.

  2. very disapointed Lancome. Really do not like being deceived with very wish washy statements when you are very clearly still testing. I note the words ” on finished products” clearly still testing. very very corrupt and no longer getting my business and i will be spreading the word

    • Agreed – companies that have statements like this are hoping that people won’t read between the lines and assume that because they don’t come out and say that they test on animals that people will think they’re cruelty-free.

  3. Lancome sell products in china… They test on animals! It is a legal requirement for any cosmetic sold in the chinese market that it HAS to be have been subject to animal testing.

    The link on my website is a Australian Segment about this issue. The Body Shop refuses to sell in China because of their no animal cruelty policies.

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