I Was Born With Fine Lines

It was about a year ago when I suddenly noticed that I had fine lines under my eyes. I noticed this because as my dark circles began to get darker I decided to start wearing a corrector and concealer. This of course caused creasing into these fine lines, making it more noticeable, and made me almost flip a table when I noticed them. I was pretty heartbroken as it sunk in that I was in fact, showing signs that I was aging. But was I?

It wasn’t until I was looking at a picture of myself as a baby that I noticed that I had the same fine lines. Later while spending time with my per-adolescent cousin I noticed that she had dark circles and bags. What? But she was only 9! That’s right. I had bought into the facade that fine lines, bags and dark circles only happen when you’re in your 20s. The reality is that we are born with fine lines, and we begin to age as soon as we’re born, so why fight it? It’s a waste of energy.

After realizing this I started seeing myself differently. I make a conscious choice to not scrutinize myself, especially when I look at myself in the mirror. When I don’t have makeup on I make sure I don’t tell myself that I’m ugly or need to wear makeup. I’m normal and real, unlike all the airbrushed women I see on tv, in magazines and online. I’ve accepted that I have lines, creases and uneven skin. Who cares? I’m my own worst critic and if I can convince myself that I’m fine just the way I am then why should I care what anyone else thinks? It’s not an easy adjustment but after I started to do this I feel much more satisfied about myself and do not stress out over aging.

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