How I Accepted My Eyes Were Black, Not Brown

I remember being a pre-teen in junior high and girls in my class would compare their eye colours. Girls with blue, green and hazel eyes would compare their eye colours and brag about how their eye colour was better than one another, but it was assumed that having lighter coloured eyes was more desirable. Those with dark eyes would try to convince each other that their eyes were a lighter shade of brown than the others, and basically the person with the lightest brown eyes got bragging rights. I always came in last because I had the darkest eyes and kept trying to convince others (and myself) that I had brown eyes. It was only years later when I finally admitted to myself that I had black eyes.

Now I know many people who will say that black eyes don’t exist. That’s true if you take it literally, but it’s meant to be a description of extremely dark brown eyes.

Characteristics of black eyes:
– Black eyes look black to the naked eye
– It is hard to distinguish where the pupil and iris begin and end
– You can only see the eye is brown when light is shone into it

I can only tell that my iris is brown when I shine a light into it. In indoor lighting (that’s not blasting into my eye) I cannot see my pupil unless I am standing within 6″ of a mirror, and even then it’s not very apparent unless I get the light to shine into my eye.

Here are some pictures of my black eyes. The first was taken in indoor lighting and this is how it looks like most of the time. The second two are in morning sunlight so you can see a slight brown tinge on the outer part of the iris, but you still can’t see where the pupil begins. I was giving a bigger smile in my second picture, which is why my eye appears smaller. I think I wasn’t smiling at all in the first shot, and it was taken last summer when I was growing my eyebrows in.

For a while after accepting this about myself, I didn’t think it was anything to be proud of. I still bought into the idea that lighter coloured eyes are more desirable and my eye colour was at the end of the spectrum of desirable eye colours. It was only about a year ago after I decided that I need to start loving myself for who I am and not beat myself down for something I’m not. So what if I had black eyes? Why not make the best of it and stop believing that I’m not as beautiful as someone with blue or green eyes.

After I started to hold this perspective I started to see myself differently and (I know this is going to seem cheesy) my eyes opened to see myself in a different way. Suddenly I started to realize the beauty that came with some of the colours I could pull off. These were colours I had worn before but after changing my view I looked so much more appealing to myself. I started to become proud of my black eyes.

Here are the pros and cons with having black eyes. These are things I’ve discovered on my own and only recently found other articles about black eyes that verified my observations.

Benefits of black eyes:
– I can wear almost any colour (ok colours never look terrible, just ok)
– I can wear black eyeliner everyday and it doesn’t look overdone
– Bright, vibrant blues, greens, purples and golds look AMAZING on me
– I can wear metalics, shimmers and pearl shadows for everyday looks
– Smokey eyes look amazing and I wear them for day looks sometimes

Downside to black eyes:
– Matte colours look bland
– Some light (pasty) colours look unappealing

My message to anyone reading this is to stop believing what others think is desirable and start believing that you are beautiful. Once you accept yourself for who you are and stop trying to be someone else you will begin to have an incredible amount of satisfaction and joy in your life. You no longer strive to get others approval because you believe in yourself.

If you want to see eye makeup looks I’ve worn that work for black eyes, check out my pinterest board: Eye Makeup For Black Eyes

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  1. Completely agree – I have the same eye colour and went through the same process of acceptance!

  2. As someone who believes she has “black eyes” (my hubby thinks they look brown), I’ve come to appreciate them. In nature, onyx stones are some of the most beautiful! Dark eyes can be seen as sexy and mysterious. It’s also all about perspective: in high school, i was paired up with a Swedish exchange student with very light blue eyes and dark hair (something i had always coveted), presumably where she comes from light eyes are common. When we were stretching together, completely unsolicited, she told me my eyes were the darkest she had seen and she thought they were beautiful, like black pearls. I was so used to growing up in a culture that valued light features because of rarity and here she was feeling towards me the same way I felt about her! It made me realize I should appreciate what I was born with.

  3. I, too, have black eyes. I love them because they make me look exotic and different. They are very striking, especially when I do crazy colors with my hair, like red and pink. They make me different, and I like it.

  4. I went through just about the same thing! the girls around me were always bragging about their “baby blues” and I always just remembering trying not to make eye contact with them even though I always wanted lighter colored eyes. When I first moved to my town people who didn’t know me, were always asking “why are your eyes so dark?! ,I can see myself in your eyes because of the reflection, and even people thinking that I was under the influence because it was hard to see my pupils…I am 20 now and finally am proud of my eye color just because I know there are only a few of us :)

  5. Well I’m a white blonde girl from England, Living in Canada… I have blue eyes… but i always wanted blackss.,.. urs r awesome

  6. I’m so glad that I found you and everything you wrote. My eyes are also very dark brown, perhaps one shade after dark brown and one shade before black, somewhere in between. They do look black most of the time and I’ve felt really insecure about it and gotten comments that my sibling is prettier because she has blue eyes. And I can also relate to that part where people compare eye colors, I always ended up being the one with darkest and I didn’t feel too good about it, but reading this made me feel less alone and like I really have something beautiful that is worth to be proud over. Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks you make me more confident now! I have the same eyes as yours (almost black) but i live in Asia so everybody around me have a brown eye colour but mine is the darkest and i felt like i don’t want this colour i want the lighter and some people were asked me “why does your eyes looks so dark?” “You have a black colour eyes,it’s very dark” but when i reads this,i feel like,almost-black colour eyes are mysterious and looks hot,i mean it’s not as pretty as blue colour but it’s beautifuller and looks so deep and it’s rare ! We’re lucky to have this eye colour

  8. Hello, I am a fellow dark-eyed person. My eyes are definitely darker than yours pictured. I do not mean to be rude, but I was just wondering what makes you think that your eyes are “black”, when they are clearly just dark brown, as seen on the photos. Additionally, you acknowledge that your eyes are brown (especially when a light is shone into them)… so why are you claiming that they are “black”? As I said, my eyes are even darker than yours – mine genuinely do look black most of the time (I have even had strangers approach me in the street and regularly get comments about my “black eyes”). However, I would never call my eyes black, as they are just EXTREMELY dark brown – no one has truly “black” eyes, as proved by numerous studies. So, not meaning to be rude – I am just curious, why do you claim you have “black” eyes, when you just have brown eyes?
    I look forward to your response. :)

    • The second paragraph in my post pretty much answers your question: “Now I know many people who will say that black eyes don’t exist. That’s true if you take it literally, but it’s meant to be a description of extremely dark brown eyes.”

      Keep in mind that I did not make up the description of black eyes. This already existed and is used by various scientific and governing bodies in the world. In fact, my government documents state that my eyes as black. It’s not meant to be literal; it’s meant to describe the shade of brown eyes that look black in the absence of light being shone into them. Just like how hazel is a category of eye colour when it could also be called light brown. It’s just semantics. You’re welcome to call your eyes dark brown of you’d prefer to not call them black, but it’s not incorrect for those who meet the criteria of the definition of black eyes to call their eyes black.

  9. i enjoyed reading your article… Most members on my mother’s side of the family have Black eyes… My father’s side are light brown. I’ve always been satisfied with the fact that my eyes are Black… Being Black and growing up as a kid- in a classroom filled with kids with blue, gray, light brown eye colours. I took great bride in being the only kid who had a diferent pair of eye color… I use to brag so much about it… My Natural Science teacher would use me in her odd example to explain dominance while using kids will blue eyes as to explain Recessiveness… I wonder, I guess it’s because I am African, though I really take bride at these beauties. My health and identification documents have the colour of my eyes registered as Black… Here another thing… Ladies actually like it.

  10. Interesting article. I did not know there were downside and stereotype of people with this eye color. I have that color eye and i get compliments about having beautiful eyes everyday; however i always think my eyes were really dark brown. As i normally use light to look at my eye color, because i dont see brown when i look at them with the naked eye.

  11. I used to hate my dark dark brown eyes growing up in North America where light eyes are considered the epitome of beauty. Only recently I`ve come to absolutely love my black eyes. My eyes are darker than my mothers and a bit darker than my fathers too. They almost give me a mysterious tone I`ve come to love especially since my eyes can look a bit weird sometimes because I`m extremely pale with naturally lighter features (medium brown hair, light eyebrows and light lashes) it only makes me love them more! someone said to me once that my dark eyes made it seem like I was staring straight into their soul… I loved that my eyes can have such a mesmerizing effect on people like that.

  12. I have a question. I was born with a mixed eye color. Normally it seems green. But when I wear baby blue it seems baby blue, when I wear regular blue it seems blue, when I wear yellow it seems yellow, when I wear beige it seems brown, when I wear red it seems almost black, very dark. Green is there when you come very close. The color depends on what I am wearing and my background. My eyes are very reflective. I can easily see my reflection in the mirror. My mother tells me that my eyes change so many colors and shades in between because I have a black pupil not brown that can reflect all the colors that I have in my iris. Is this true? Thanks in advance.

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