ModCloth Shipping to Canada: COD Charges

I thought it might be useful for those in Canada to know how much you can expect to pay on Cash on Delivery (COD) charges when ordering from ModCloth. Here are the charges I received through their 2-3 day UPS delivery. ModCloth does not use the UPS Worldwide shipping option which collects taxes and duties beforehand, so you WILL get charged COD if you choose the courier option. They do have a standard shipping option (USPS-Canada Post) that takes 3-4 weeks to deliver, but you will most likely not get charged with this since Canada Post rarely charges duties on packages. Also if you choose the USPS option make sure that your shipping option does not change when checking out because you will probably have a similar experience to me.

All charges were in Canadian dollars through UPS shipping. GST/HST charges will vary depending on the province/territory you are shipping to. I do not know if the duty and brokerage charges vary depending on your location. These are the costs listed on the UPS COD receipt that arrived with my package. Packages worth $20 CAD or less are not subject to duties, but may be charged other fees.

Value of goods: $253.18 CAD (253.94 USD)
Duty: $26.55 CAD (2 items charged at 18% and 2 charged at 16%)
GST/HST: $36.37 CAD
Brokerage: $10 CAD
Brokerage GST/HST: $1.30 (yes, you have to pay tax on the brokerage fee!)
Total extra cost: $74.22

Let it be known that I recently made my first purchase from Hautelook, which has yet to arrive, and they charged me 20% on top of my order to cover taxes, duties and brokerage fees. THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE! Merchants should collect these fees beforehand to give the customer a better experience. Don’t tell your customers that they shouldn’t complain when they are charged with COD on their packages when you (the merchant) have the option of preventing it. All it does is deter customers from shopping with you. That is why I no longer order from YesStyle and White House Black Market. If I get COD and merchants are defensive and unsympathetic, I am no longer your customer. I’d rather shop at places that care about my patronage. I have yet to hear from ModCloth about my shipping mixup and I really hope that we can come to an amicable resolution.

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  1. Hi! I’m having the same problem with Modcloth shipping to Canada, except I definitely chose the USPS option, and they shipped it using USPS. I had to pay $75 when it arrived (for a $260 order, much like yours)!! I don’t think it matters what option you choose – you get stuck with huge COD charges anyway.

    I’ve been ordering from Modcloth for years and had never had this problem! I used to pay shipping and duties on their site, and the box would just be left at my door a week or two later (or sometimes a very small fee, no more than $20). :( Easy! What happened to that option!?

    I’m glad people are in the same boat, though. I hate getting stuck with delivery charges (and especially not knowing what they are beforehand!) and will be writing to Modcloth soon to tell explain that, though their shipping may be cheaper, their new options are horrible and expensive!

  2. Thanks for letting me know the USPS option wouldn’t have been a better choice. Now I know that either method is not a better option for their Canadian customers. I honestly expected the regular mail option to have little to no fees, but maybe because the ModCloth box stands out it makes their job easier to know it needs to be charged with duties. It’s really expensive though. If I just had to pay the 13% HST, then I would be fine with it, but HST + duties + brokerage fees is too much.

  3. I just got my package from them today. I ordered $110 worth of clothes plus a $7.45 shipping with the USPS First-Class International shipping option. I had to pay another 22.52 for GST/HST and handling fee :/ At least there was no duties I had to pay. & The weight of my items was only 1 lbs 6 oz.
    Would’ve been a lot easier just to pay it online rather than w/ cash

    • You’re lucky you didn’t get duty charges. I think with standard shipping they usually only charge GST/HST but with couriered services they charge brokerage and duty as well. With ModCloth they changed my shopping option from standard shipping to couriered shipping without letting me know, which is why I had to pay so much. They did end up refunding me for part of the amount, but I still no longer shop with them.

      And I agree, it would be a much better shopping experience to pay upfront so you don’t have to worry about added costs when you get the package.

  4. I just recently bought clothes and shoes from Modcloth.
    Just found out USP is charging me $52 or something (my purchase was $125). I don’t think I’ll ever buy items from Modclothes. I don’t even know if USPS option was even used. I didn’t get to chose it, or maybe I missed the option (though, I did read the option choices, couldn’t find where it was).
    Or I don’t even know if I’d buy anything from States. It’s not worth it, when I can probably find good shops within Canada.
    I haven’t got the items from Modclothe yet (wasn’t home when UPS came), hopefully the items are good. If they suck, I’d be so pissed

    • Hi Nono. I know how you feel. It’s so frustrating to get changed like this with Modcloth purchases and I don’t understand why they don’t collect the duties up front so their customers don’t get slammed with unexpected expenses. Other US vendors do this, like Hautelook, so when you get your items you don’t have to worry about paying anything extra. I hope your modcloth items work out for you.

      • So, I had to send my parcel to my boy friend’s. And my boy friend ended up unable to pick it up. Because he didn’t want to pay with credit card. Anyway so the shipment went back! ugh!
        So meanwhile, I spoke with Mod Cloth to find out what to do. She said I have to reorder. So reordered two pairs of shoes and cancelled a dress that I wanted. I still had to pay $31.37 of duty + shipping. My original parcel’s shipping was not returned obviously…
        The chick I spoke to gave me a discount code cuz she felt bad. but it was too late… I already reordered before I got the code. Like I said, I highly doubt I’ll ever get anything from there… The items I bought, I’m really satisfied with the look. But they are pretty cheaply made, so I don’t even think I’ll get anything with regular price (just guessing most things are over priced with bad quality).

        I’ll look into Canadian online shopping from now on…

  5. I recently ordered a dress for my high school graduation. I read this before I bought the dress, but I didn’t think my cost would come out to as much as it did. It was only $70, but with all added tax, shipping, and handling fees, it was $55 more. Weighs only a pound, too. We used USPS to keep costs down, but apparently, it was expedited. Now we’re chasing UPS around town because they delivered it when no one was home. Sigh. They make it seem so cheap on the site. Next time, I think I’ll just virtual window shop and try to find something similar out here. I just hope the dress is worth it.

    • Hi Erica. I’m sorry to hear that. I know how frustrating it is to get slapped with such high COD charges. I hope the dress works out for you.

  6. I literally just had my ModCloth package deliver and I am so angry.
    I chose the 3-4 day delivery method which is $26.97 CAD because I wanted my purchase to be here faster for an event I’m going to. My total purchase was only $116.96 including shipping, but somehow I ended up having to pay an additional $52 for COD. And since the UPS deliveryman didn’t have change on him, and I didn’t want to have to go to the UPS warehouse myself to pick it up, I ended up giving him $60 instead. As much as I LOVE their clothing, I can honestly say I will never be buying from MC again.

    • Hi Rachel. I know how you feel. I love ModCloth’s goods too but the additional costs and frustrations are just not worth it.

  7. I had the exact same experience. Except I order for the first time on Modcloth during a 50% off sale. Little did I know that they will declare the full value of the product, so even though I only spent 120 plus tax on my order my duty is 130 plus tax!! I was gobsmacked when I saw the notice at my door. I immediately rushed to my computer and talked to Modcloth. The best they could do was refund me my money before the package actually reaches them…I have to go into the post office to refuse the package. Heartbreaking because I was beyond excited for my first modcloth experience. But frankly paying full price is too much. Ugh. I will stick to regular shopping from now on.

    • Hi Heather. I really feel for you. It’s been 2 years since I wrote this post and it’s quite ridiculous how ModCloth still hasn’t made shipping easier for their Canadian customers. Try Hautelook. I’ve had nothing but good shopping experiences with them.

  8. I buy from
    Mainly shoes. They are brand store, but everything is good price. It’s not a mod style though… But after $99 purchase, it’s only $4.99 shipping! Duty is also charged when I pay. No problem buying anything.

  9. Someone finally reviewed the dress I ordered and they said it was awful! I also ordered to Canada and do not want to pay these duties after reading your post about how much it will be! If I refuse the package will they refund me for my order?

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