Upside Down Smokey Eye

I just watched MakeupGeek‘s latest makeup tutorial on how to create an upside down smokey eye look. It’s great and I really like it, but I kept thinking to myself that it looked really familiar. Then I remembered I saw a look just like it on the Pixiwoo’s Facebook Group. I’m guessing it’s a popular look? Either way I really like it but I’m not sure how good this will look on darker skin. I have a feeling it will just emphasize my dark circles. I’m always trying to brighten under my eye and I hardly ever put dark eyeliner on the bottom of my eye under my lashline. I like to put bright or reflective colours, but I might as well give this look a try sometime. I personally like the peach colour chosen in this picture because it has more orange in it than the one Marlena used. I’m guessing darker skin tones can use a more bronzed colour to get the same effect.

NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

A couple of months ago I had ordered a bunch of NYX products from, one of which was the NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Versus. I thought it would be great for travelling with since the colours would be complementary to my skin tone and it was on sale for $8.50. Well I was thoroughly disappointed with the sheerness of the eyeshadows. They reminded me of the crappy eyeshadows I owned when I first got into makeup that barely showed up on my darker skin. I gave it a few tries by trying to pat on the eyeshadow, using different primers and even trying it wet, but they all did not look saturated enough. So I had an easy solution. I gave the palette to my sister in law who has a much lighter skin tone than me.

After this experience I decided to stick to NYX single pan eyeshadows since I have a few of them and the colour payoff on them is amazing. But I recently saw a review on a bunch of the 10 colour palettes and the person said that this palette was sheer while others were more saturated. ARGH! Just my luck that I choose the palette that is the worst one. This is why the NYX website should have 1) descriptions for each product, and 2) allow reviews. So anyway, I may purchase a different palette in the future. Possibly at IMATS Toronto where I can check the eyeshadows in person.

Travel Must Have: Waterless Hand Soap

One of the best products that Bath and Body Works carries (imo) is their waterless hand foam soap. They come in these small leakproof bottles that fit in purses and small bags, so they’re great for travelling when you don’t always have access to a wash station. They’re $4.50 CAD but these two were 75% off so they were less than $2 each.

They’re also antibacterial, so they will kill germs. These are great for when you’re out and about and stop to get food. Just use some of this and you’re good to go. I’ll be packing a couple of these while we’re vacationing in Yukon and Northwest Territories in a few weeks.

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