L’Oréal Buys Out NYX Cosmetics

And another one bites the dust. A little while ago, L’Oréal bought out the cruelty-free company Urban Decay and now they’re acquiring another cruelty-free favourite, NYX cosmetics. But now these companies are no longer truly cruelty-free since their profits go towards L’Oréal Cosmetics, who are notorious for animal testing. NYX had been experiencing a boom in their sales last year while L’Oréal was tanking. They want to have a stronger hold on the North American market and they believe acquiring NYX can do that for them.

I loved NYX. Not only did they make really great affordable products, they didn’t test on animals. Now I can no longer buy their products. It’s such a shame that so many cruelty-free companies sell out for profit. It really shows how little dedication they have to animal welfare.

What I don’t understand is why L’Oréal doesn’t just become cruelty-free too. With such pressure these days why not give up animal testing instead of buying out companies that are doing well for not testing? So many people used NYX because they had great cruelty-free products but like me, they will stop purchasing them and move onto other cruelty-free companies.

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Animal Testing Policy: Gosh Cosmetics

RESEARCH: Regarding animal testing
ANSWERS: They do not test on animals nor commission anyone else to test on their behalf
RESULT: Classified as cruelty-free

I reached out to GOSH Cosmetics to find out about their animal testing policy quite a few months ago and only realized now I didn’t post their responses. As you can see below, they state that they do not test on animals or used ingredients that have been tested on animals. When asked if they sell in countries that require animal testing they said no animal testing is conducted at all.

Personally I would have liked if they had been more explicit and detailed, which makes me slightly weary. Also note that this information was obtained about a year ago and I’m unsure if any information has changed.

GOSH is currently still listed on Peta’s cruelty-free list though (see here) but they are not recognized by Leaping Bunny, which I find more reliable than Peta as they do independent audits of the company to ensure cruelty-free compliance.

Me July 30, 2013 Hello,
Can you please let me know if Gosh cosmetics are tested on animals?
GOSH July 31, 2013 Hi Hotashi
No Gosh cosmetics do not test their products on animals and do not use ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Gosh team

Me Aug 1, 2013 Hi there,
… can you clarify if this refers to your unfinished and finished products? Also, do you sell your products in countries that require animal testing, such as China?
GOSH Nov 18, 2013 Hi Hotashi
Nothing related to the product is tested on animals we are a cruelty free cosmetic.

Artdeco Cosmetics Sells In China

I had previously posted Artdeco Cosmetics’ animal testing policy where they stated that “ARTDECO does not conduct any tests on animals for its cosmetic products nor does it have any animal testing performed on its behalf…ARTDECO is against animal testing.” Well I guess their credibility could be bought off because they sell their products in Shanghai, which means that their products were tested on animals to sell to the Chinese market. I never actually got around to picking up their products, and I’m glad I didn’t. I don’t support companies that lie to me.

Here is a screenshot off of this website talking about Artdeco’s Make-up Design Studio in Shanghai along with their Chinese website.

Artdeco Sells In China

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