Latest Real Techniques Brushes Available At Designer Cosmetics in Canada

Real Techniques Brushes at Designer Cosmetics

Real Techniques recently announced the release of four new brushes to their collection – 3 retractable brushes and a new version of their eyeliner brush that has a solid synthetic tip instead of synthetic bristles. They also came out with an egg-shaped sponge, which is a cheaper version of the beauty blender sponge.

I didn’t think these tools would be available in Canada anytime soon but I found they are available on the Designer Cosmetics website. They also closed down their Toronto store but still have stores in Brampton, Burlington and Guelph. You can purchase them here: Designer Cosmetics – Real Techniques brushes.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Designer Cosmetics or Real Techniques. This post was for the sole purpose of sharing this information.

My Top 5 Cruelty-free Makeup Brushes Under $10

I have quite the collection of cruelty-free makeup brushes now. I had switched over to synthetic bristle brushes over a year ago and I’m really happy with my decision. Not only are they more ethical as no animals are harmed to produce them, they also last longer, don’t shed and are more hygienic than animal hair brushes. For more information on why synthetic brushes are better than natural hair brushes, check out my post Making The Switch: Why Synthetic Makeup Brushes Are Better Than Natural Hair Brushes.

I have quite a few favourite cruelty-free makeup brushes, but here is a list of my top five brushes under $10 CAD in order of price.

1. Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush ($3 CAD | $2 USD)

Essence Pecise Eyeliner Brush

This brush is sold to be used with the Essence gel eyeliner (also a fabulous product) but it is a great angle brush to use for filling in brows or lining with powder/pencil products. The brushes come in a variety of colours including purple, pink, blue and red, but they all function equally well.

In Canada they are sold at Shoppers Drug Mart for $3 CAD, and $2 USD at Ulta in the States. I use this on a daily basis to apply eyeliner and create winged smokey looks with eyeshadow.

For more information check out the description on the Essence website: Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush

2.Wet n’ Wild Angle Brush ($4 CAD | $3 USD)

Wet n Wild Angle Liner Brush

This brush comes in their gel eyeliner kit, which I find is too dense and thick to be used for gel eyeliner. It’s fine if you want to apply a thick line but it is virtually impossible to have much control on the thickness of the line.

Also the brush handle is really small (about 3″ including ferrel) which makes it hard to maneuver for eyeliner. So instead I like to use this brush to fill in my eyebrows. It’s dense and soft making it perfect to apply power, and the shorter handle is not a problem to work on brows. It’s also great to travel with since it takes up very little room.

The kit itself is $4 which comes with the gel eyeliner (it’s a decent gel liner) and the brush, so for $4 you can’t go wrong. I think they might be $3 in the States, but I’m not sure. Wet n’ Wild products are only sold at Walmart in Canada.

3. Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush ($7-9 CAD | $6 USD)

Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush

This is my favourite liner brush for gel liner. I prefer liner brushes over angled brushes, and all the other liner brushes I’ve tried have either been too long, too stiff, inflexible or too short. This brush is perfect and I loved mine so much I got a second. It also dries incredibly quickly and I often wash it in the morning, dry it off on a towel and use it immediately after without any issues. It’s awesome!

These brushes are available at a few locations in Canada. Online and in Toronto they are sold at Designer Cosmetics for $9 and online at Farleyco for $7. I’ve only purchased brushes at the Designer Cosmetics store in Toronto so I cannot provide feedback on purchasing off their online store or off of the Farleyco online store. It may be available at London Drugs.

4. Real Techniques Shading Brush ($7-10 CAD | $6 USD)

Real Techniques Shading Brush

I love this brush. It is a very dense brush that is great to apply eyeshadows but also great for buffing or products. I personally prefer to use this brush primarily to apply creame or gel products as bases to my lids and then buffing them out into the crease. It’s great when I’m playing around with makeup for Halloween looks that use a lot of creame products.

Like the Real Techniques liner brush, I liked this so much I bought a second brush. It also dries very quickly like the liner brush and I’ve washed and dried it with a towel and used it immediately after. Obviously this takes a little more buffing on the towel to get it completely dry, but it is workable. I would only do this though to use creame products. It wouldn’t be dry enough to use with powders unless you’re going for a slightly foiled look.

This is also available at Farleyco for $7 and Designer Cosmetics for $10. It may be available at London Drugs.

5. Bdellium Green Bamboo ($9 CAD | $6 USD)

Bdellium Green Bamboo Eyeshadow Brush 776

This is my go-to eyeshadow brush. I own three of these and I still want more. They are soft, semi-dense and are great for applying and blending shadows. Normally I only use these to apply shadow with and I use the bdellium blending brush (#787 – $11) to blend the shadows with, but this brush works in a pinch if you rotate it sideways. It’s fluffy enough to do the job but it also tapers at the tip which is great for patting on shadow with.

The green bamboo line has shorter handles than the pink bamboo line, which may make them problematic for people with larger hands or who prefer longer handles. I don’t mind them and I find that they’re great for traveling with.

In Canada these brushes are available on Devu Cosmetics and All Cosmetic Wholesale. Devu Cosmetics is a Canadian website charging in Canadian dollars and you won’t have to pay duties. All Cosmetic Wholesale is a U.S. site charging in USD but ships to Canada. I first used them when I bought some of my bdellium brushes and didn’t have any issues with them. The second I used Devo Cosmetics and they were great as well. For Canadians I would recommend Devu Cosmetics only because there is less hassle and they ship really quickly so you’ll get your products much sooner without worrying about potential COD charges.

Disclaimer: All brushes mentioned were purchased by myself and I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this post.

Review: Michael Todd Eye-o-Sonic

Michael Todd Eye-o-Sonic

Brand: Michael Todd
Product Name: Eye-o-Sonic
Packaging: Plastic shaft, metal head
Cost: $69 USD
Size: 4″
Batteries: 1 AAA battery needed
Availability (Canada): Michael Todd website
Expiry: n/a
Vegan: n/a
Cruelty-free: n/a
Paraben-free: n/a
Sulfate-free: n/a
GMO-free: n/a
Leaping Bunny Certified: No

I heard about this product from Tati of GlamLifeGuru on youtube. She raved about this product and offered a discount code for it. I went to the website and the product was already on sale so with the discount code it came to about $25. I thought it was worth trying out so I got it.

The Michael Todd website is an American site but ships worldwide, so I didn’t have any issues with them shipping to Canada. My package arrived fairly quickly – I believe about 5 business days after I made my purchase. I didn’t receive any COD, which was also awesome.

Michael Todd Eye-o-Sonic

The purpose of this product is to vibrate and use sonic waves to help products penetrate the top layer of the skin and get absorbed better into the deeper layers of the skin. I used this for about two weeks and didn’t really see much of a difference. However I don’t really have wrinkles so if anything the benefit for me would be to prevent me from getting wrinkles sooner. So I still use this even though I’m not really sure how effective it is. I might as well since I purchased it.

The only weird thing about this is that it doesn’t have an on/off switch. It is activated by placing the metal head on your skin and it starts because of the warmth. The problem I had was since I left it out on my counter it would turn on when I had a shower because it warmed up the room enough for it to think it was touching my face. I now have to keep it in my cupboard, which is a bit of a pain.

Also it comes with a plastic cover for the metal head but it broke so I can’t use it. I also found that for the price the plastic used was quite flimsy. I expected it to feel more high end.

Overall I don’t think I would recommend this product. It’s not terrible but I’m not really convinced that it’s worth the money.

∗ Feels nice on the face
∗ Compact size and very light

∗ Not sure if it really works
∗ Does not have an on/off switch so it wastes battery power if it turns on accidentally
∗ Only available on their website
∗ Plastic seems flimsy and the cover broke

OVERALL: 2 out of 5

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