High vs Low End: M.A.C Fluidline vs. Wet ‘n Wild Crème Eyeliner

I had heard time and time again that the Wet ‘n Wild gel eyeliner was a dupe for the M.A.C fluidline. I really loved my fluidline so after M.A.C started testing on animals again I was really really frustrated that I had to find a replacement. While in the States I picked up the Wet ‘n Wild gel liner, which came with an angled brush and gave it a go.

My first attempt using it was with the angled brush it came with and I thought it was really dry and hard to apply. I then switched to using a pointed liner brush and found that it was much easier to apply. It still wasn’t as creamy and smooth as the M.A.C gel liner but it had the same level of intensity (see above) and it ended up lasting much longer than the M.A.C liner. I’d say in terms of quality, pigmentation and longevity the Wet ‘n Wild gel liner is definitely a dupe for the M.A.C fluidline gel liner.

Price $18 CAD $7 CAD Wet ‘n Wild
Amount 3g of product 3.5g of product Wet ‘n Wild
Pigmentation Medium black (dark but not intense) Medium black (dark but not intense) Tie
Texture & Application Creamy and soft making it easier to apply Harder and drier so not as easy to apply M.A.C
Longevity Lasts most of the day but fades Lasts all day with minimal fading Wet ‘n Wild
Packaging Glass jar with a twist-off lid Plastic jar with a twist-off lid Depends on your preference – M.A.C is heavier but more durable & both are recyclable
Availability in Canada M.A.C stores and M.A.C counters Walmart, some Shoppers Drug Marts Pretty equal depending on your location
Cruelty-free M.A.C tests on animals and is not cruelty-free Wet ‘n Wild does not test on animals and are cruelty-free Wet ‘n Wild
Other Does not come with an applicator Comes with an angled vegan brush Wet ‘n Wild

Vasanti Liquid Foundation Packaging

I recently bought a new tube of my current foundation of choice, the Vasanti Liquid Cover Up Oil-Free Foundation and Concealer in the shade V8. I got it from well.ca when they had a 20% off sale on Vasanti Cosmetics and when I opened the package the tube looked different. My old tube is shown in the picture as the tube of the top while the new tube I purchased is the one on the bottom.

I’m pretty sure the bottom tube is the old packaging and I’m not sure if I got an old tube or they switched their packaging back. If the latter, I don’t really see why. I think the tube on top is better since you can see the shade of foundation. Now that the tube is almost done though, I now know that the colour is on the tube and isn’t a clear part of the tube for you to see how much product is left. So other than seeing the shade the foundation is supposed to be, it’s not very useful.

Eyeshadow Bases vs Primers: What’s The Difference?

I often see people use the terms eyeshadow base and eyeshadow primer interchangeably as if they are the same. Well, they’re not. Here is the gist of the two.

An eyeshadow primer is used to prime the eyes to create an even surface to apply an eyeshadow. Most eyeshadow primers use silicone, which creates an even surface by filling in the crevices on the eye. This creates a barrier between the skin and eyeshadow allowing it to last longer as most eyeshadow primers are designed to prevent the natural oils from the skin from penetrating the barrier and breaking down the eyeshadow. This leaves the eyeshadow lasting longer and often also provides greater intensity to the shadows allowing them to have a more true colour payoff.

Examples of cruelty-free eyeshadow primers are:
∗ Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Shadow Primer
∗ Too Faced Shadow Insurance
∗ Urban Decay Primer Potion

An eyeshadow base is used to create a coloured foundation on your eyelid to affect the colour/vibrancy of the eyeshadow that’s applied on top of it. This does not have to be a product that is specified as an eyeshadow base. Concealer, eyeliners, eyeshadow sticks can be used as an eyeshadow base as their purpose is to intensify the eyeshadow. Its purpose is not to prevent creasing so I often use an eyeshadow primer underneath an eyeshadow base.

The base does not have to be the same colour as the eyeshadow applied on top and depending on what colour the base is, it will create a different effect. For instance, a nude base will mute any eyelid discolouration and create a more even colour distribution across the eyelid. A coloured base, such as black, will make the shadow have a darker, often more sultry look to it. I’ve used waterproof gel liners as eyeshadow bases when I’m going out for a night of dancing and they really hold up well.

Examples of cruelty-free eyeshadow bases are:
∗ Ben Nye Color Wheels
∗ NYX Jumbo Pencils
∗ Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencils

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