Artdeco Cosmetics Sells In China

I had previously posted Artdeco Cosmetics’ animal testing policy where they stated that “ARTDECO does not conduct any tests on animals for its cosmetic products nor does it have any animal testing performed on its behalf…ARTDECO is against animal testing.” Well I guess their credibility could be bought off because they sell their products in Shanghai, which means that their products were tested on animals to sell to the Chinese market. I never actually got around to picking up their products, and I’m glad I didn’t. I don’t support companies that lie to me.

Here is a screenshot off of this website talking about Artdeco’s Make-up Design Studio in Shanghai along with their Chinese website.

Artdeco Sells In China

Review: Jack Black Lip Balms in Balm Squad Lip Quad Collection

Jack Black Lip Balms

Brand: Jack Black
Product Name: Moisture Therapy Lip Balm
Formula: Thick, clear gel
Packaging: Plastic, twist-off, squeeze tube
Cost: $25 USD, $32 CAD
Amount: 7g, 0.25 oZ
Availability: Sephora
Expiry: Not sure
Vegan: No (has beeswax and lanolin)
Cruelty-free: Yes
Paraben-free: No
Sulfate-free: Yes
Petrolatum-free: No
Leaping Bunny Certified: No

I love Jack Black lip balms and even did a review on their mint one before (read here). They are my go-to winter lip treatment and I haven’t found one that I like more than them. The downside for me though is they are not paraben-free, however they are gluten-free, which is great for people like me who are intolerant or allergic to gluten.

I recently saw this collection, which had my favourite one (lemon) and my husband’s favourite one (mint) along with two new scents – asian pear and black cherry. The collection of 4 was $4 cheaper than buying all four separately so we decided to give them a try.

Here is my synopsis of each scent. All balms are clear and do not taste like their respective scents.

The mint is very minty and is great for those who like the refreshing feeling of this scent. My husband likes this because it reminds him of how fresh is mouth feels after brushing his teeth. It’s also a very gender neutral scent, which is great for those who don’t want to have a strong feminine or masculine scent.

This is my favourite one because I love lemons. It doesn’t smell like the artificial lemon that you smell in cleaning products. It is more muted as if real lemon zest was used to scent the balm.

This has quite a strong scent compared to the others and really does smell like black cherries. It has a fruity scent with a slight hint of sourness that you taste in real black cherries. I personally don’t really like cherries so I’m not too fond of this scent, but for those that love cherries then this is your lip balm.

This actually smells more like a honeydew melon than it does an asian pear, however it has the subtleness that asian pears tend to have. It is my second favourite scent after lemon, probably because it’s more muted and smells like fruits I like.

Overall these are great clear balms to wear for moisturizing the lips. I mainly wear these at night before bed or when I’m around the house. When I go out I tend to wear lipsticks or tinted balms, but these are great for outside wear too.

OVERALL: 5 out of 5

A Quick Update

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