Sugarpill Cosmetics Shipping to Canada: COD Charges

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I recently made my first purchase of Sugarpill Cosmetics products off of their website. I had previously gotten their heartbreaker palette through a friend, but it was the first time I made an order myself. Here is my experience shopping with Sugarpill. This post is not to bash on the company at all. It’s only to provide information to other Canadian consumers who want to know what to expect when ordering and shipping to Canada.


On their website they state the following about shipping outside of the U.S.:

“Please be aware that orders shipped to destinations outside the United States are subject to taxes, duties, brokerage fees, and all other expenses related to the import of products into that country from the United States. Sugarpill is not able to add these fees to your order before checkout.”


So basically I couldn’t pay the customs and duty charges upfront with my purchase and had to pay cash on delivery (COD) charges when my package arrived. What always bothers me about this is that because my mail is delivered while I’m at work I have to go to the post office and pick it up. I’d rather pay it up front so I know exactly how much I’m going to pay, but that is just the downside of U.S. shipping to Canada. Here is the breakdown of my charges in Canadian dollars.

Sugarpill Cost
Value of goods: $121.68
Shipping charged: $0 (they offer free shipping over $100)

Extra Cost
Duty: $0
Excise tax: $0
GST/HST: $15.82
PST: $0
Handling costs: $9.95
Total extra cost: $25.77


I received a confirmation email the same day I made my purchase from Sugarpill and then received an email 6 days later telling me that my order had shipped. From the latter email it took two weeks to get delivered. Note that I live in Toronto so if you live in more rural areas then the shipping time will probably be longer. Also according to the tracking notice, it arrived in Vancouver and then was shipped to Toronto so if you live in Western Canada your shipping time might be shorter.


I made my purchase during the Black Friday sale so everything I bought was 20% off. I basically broke even since I didn’t have to pay for shipping since my order was over $100. So my recommendation for Canadians wanting to purchase off of Sugarpill is to wait for a sale because you probably will get COD charges. Also wait to stock up because otherwise you’ll also have to pay for shipping.

The other option is to purchase Sugarpill products off of the Makeup Geek website. They don’t have free shipping however in the three times I’ve purchased from their website I’ve never been charged COD. So if you’re not going to spend over $100 then order off of Makeup Geek because you’ll only be charged with shipping since if you order off of Sugarpill then you’ll get charged with shipping and COD.

4 Christmas Gift Ideas from Canadian Beauty Companies

Ahh Christmas! The time when there are awesome value deals out there. I’ve been seeing some really awesome ones so I thought I’d make a quick post on some awesome gift sets that I spotted from Canadian companies. Go Canada! I don’t own any of these sets so I can’t comment on their quality, but I’ve heard rave reviews about all of them.


∗ Cruelty-free
∗ 2 Lush Lip Wipes
∗ 1 Whipped Cherry fruit scrub
∗ BB for Lips in Tawny
∗ Agave Lip Mask
∗ Travel friendly
∗ $40 CAD
∗ Available at Sephora


∗ Cruelty-free
∗ Kits for light or dark hair
∗ 1 Rush Brush Dry Shampoo Volumizing Brush
∗ 1 Refill of Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo Powder
∗ 1 Travel size brush
∗ Travel friendly
∗ $28 CAD
∗ Available at cakebeauty


∗ Cruelty-free
∗ 1 full-size Lavender Bliss Beauty Bar
∗ 1 full-size Lemon Zing Beauty Bar
∗ 1 travel-size Lemon Zing Shower Gel
∗ 1 travel-size Lavender Bliss Lotion
∗ 1 travel-size Lavender Bliss Magic Balm
∗ Travel friendly
∗ $30 CAD
∗ Available at Ella’s Botanicals


∗ Cruelty-free & Vegan
∗ Vegocentric Vegan organic lipstick
∗ Power Pom lip conditioner
∗ Extra Virgin Lip gloss
∗ 1 full-size Lavender Bliss Beauty Bar
∗ Zipper clutch
∗ Travel friendly
∗ $35 CAD ($46 value)
∗ Available at Lippy Girl

Review: Pacifica Purify coconut Water Cleansing Wipes

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Brand: Pacifica Beauty
Product Name: Purify Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes
Formula: Pre-moistened towelette
Packaging: Re-sealable plastic pouch with a plastic pop-off lid
Cost: $6 USD, $8 CAD
Amount: 30 sheets
Expiry: Unknown
Vegan: Yes
Cruelty-free: Yes
Sulfate-free: Yes
Paraben-free: Yes
Leaping Bunny Certified: No

I am a huge fan of facial wipes. These days I use coconut oil to remove my makeup and a moistened towelette to wipe the oil off of my face, but in a pinch I would use it on its own. My go-to wipes are the Yes to Blueberry facial wipes or the Boo Bamboo facial wipes and I wanted to see if these Pacifica ones would become my new favourite.


The packaging for these wipes are the same as the other facial wipes I’ve tried – recyclable plastic pouch with a plastic pop-off lead that re-seals to keep the wipes moist. The Pacifica ones are longer in size but aren’t as tall, but the wipes are pretty much the same size (just folded differently in the package). This might make it easier for travelling with, depending on what you use to store your toiletries in. In terms of volume though, it’s the same amount.


This wipe is moderately moistened and does take off makeup, but I find myself needing to rub my skin a lot to get off my makeup. It’s no different than the majority of wipes I use and falls just a smidgen below my go-to wipes in this department. When I apply coconut oil to my face to breakdown the makeup and then use this wipe to remove everything, it works fantastically. It leaves my skin smelling amazing and I don’t have to tug on my skin.


The scent of these wipes is very strong and they say they use natural fragrances. I don’t have sensitive skin so the fragrance didn’t bother me, but it may for some. The scent of this is lovely if you like sweet smells. It reminds me of the icing used in dunkaroos, which brings back nostalgic memories from my childhood.


To my knowledge, these wipes are only available in Canada on, which stocks almost all of their products. They retail for $8 CAD for 30 wipes, while the Yes to Blueberry facial wipes are $11 for 30 wipes and the Boo Bamboo facial wipes are $11 for 25 wipes. So overall, the Pacifica ones are cheaper.


I really like these wipes and I’m definitely adding them to my go-to stash. The other two are more convenient to purchase for me since I pick them up at the store when they’re on sale, but when I make purchases off of I’ll probably pick these up. The scent and beautiful packaging makes them feel so luxurious, and I can definitely see myself giving these away as gifts to others.

OVERALL: 5 out of 5

Why I Support The Body Shop

I’ve been cruelty-free in my beauty purchases for about four years now and there have been many struggles that I’ve gone through with this decision. One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is whether to purchase products that are cruelty-free but are owned by companies who test on animals.

I had decided a while ago that I would not support companies that were owned by companies who test on animals, regardless of whether they were cruelty-free or not. And I’ve stuck to this with one exception – The Body Shop, who are owned by L’Oreal. Now trust me, I absolutely detest L’Oreal. They are like the Monsanto of the cosmetic world in my eyes. I find them utterly unethical and despicable. But why did I make this exception? Because I really started to understand the vitality of advocacy not just from consumers but from key industry players.

The Body Shop are very vocal about their support for ending animal testing. They have teamed up with Cruelty-free International, who are respected for their work. The Body Shop is also certified by The Leaping Bunny program, which means that there is no animal testing in the manufacturing process of any of their products by themselves, third parties or their ingredient manufacturers. The bottom line is, I think it’s important to support companies who are trying to make a difference and are being openly vocal about the perils of animal testing in the cosmetic industry, whether it is to consumers or industry partners, or competitors. That is the kind of company I want to support and even though they are owned by L’Oreal, I personally believe that their advocacy is what I am investing in as a consumer.

Check out The Body Shop’s page on their stance against animal testing.

KOSÉ Corp. Purchases Tarte Cosmetics

I know this is dated news, but I never posted about it and for anyone that comes here for animal testing information, it’s worth posting about it. The Japanese company KOSÉ Corporation purchased the majority of Tarte’s shares, giving them majority ownership of the company. KOSÉ owns numerous brands and because they’re a Japanese company, their lines must conduct animal testing as it is required in Japan.

Tarte had released a statement stating that the entire Tarte team would remain in effect and promised to remain cruelty-free despite the new ownership. Here is their statement off of their Facebook page.

Tarte Bought By Kose Source: Tarte Facebook page

So for those who actively purchase cruelty-free cosmetics, the question to ask yourself is are you ok with supporting a company that is cruelty-free but owned by a company that conducts animal testing or do you only want to purchase products from companies where themselves and their parent companies are cruelty-free.