Review: Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Box Subscription – A Canadian Experience


A while ago I had written a post called why I don’t subscribe to beauty boxes, and the number one reason I provided was that the products could not be guaranteed to be cruelty-free. Well I found out about two vegan and cruelty-free boxes and chose to try out Petit Vour.

Note: I’ll provide a review of the products included in my first box in a separate post.

Petit Vour is an e-commerce beauty website that also offers a monthly beauty box that is curated by a vegan blogger, vlogger, writer, etc. Each box includes 4-5 vegan beauty products, most of which are large sample sizes but can sometimes also be full-sized.

Petit Vour operates on a pre-charge basis, which means when you first sign up you are billed for the box and subsequent months you’ll be charged on the first of the month. The cost for Canadians is $27 USD per month, which will fluctuate in CAD depending on the exchange rate. This includes shipping and I did not have to pay cash on delivery when it arrived. For my first box the retail value of the items were $43.50 USD.

For U.S. customers, there are able to choose a 1-month ($15), 3-month ($45) or 6-month subscription ($90), which then auto-renews to $15 per month for subsequent boxes. For Canadians there is only one option of $27 per month with an automatic renewal, so if you want to only purchase one box you’ll need to let them know immediately.

The cost of shipping is included in the $27 rate. When my box was shipped out I was sent an email with a tracking number with DHL. The downside of the tracking is it only tracks the box until it is handed over to Canadian customs, which is a bit frustrating. From the date the package was picked up by DHL to when it was delivered, it took exactly a week (5 business days). I had expected 2-3 weeks so I was pleasantly surprised. Note that I reside in Toronto so delivery times will vary depending on where you’re located in Canada.

The Petit Vour box is a bright pink box with their logo on the sides and the text “BE BOLD. BE KIND.” on the front when the top is opened. The dimensions are about 7″ wide by 4″ in length and 2″ deep with the package order is stuck on the top of the box. Inside is plain cardboard stuffed with black crimped paper and the items placed snuggly within the box.

Also included is a card stating the name of the box for the month on one side and a description of the curator and products included on the back of the card. The descriptions include the names of the product, how to use it and the retail cost.

Everything included in the box’s packaging is recyclable.

In emails I’ve received since my first box, they have stated that if you purchase any items prior to your box being shipped out, you can choose to include the items in your box to save on shipping costs.

* * *

I had a good experience with this box. I found that they had sufficient communication throughout the process and I loved that the shipping time was only a week. I was happy with the items included in my first box, especially since three of the four were full-sized products. I think it is a good value for $27 and especially great for those who are just getting into the cruelty-free or vegan scene or who just want to try out a bunch of new products.

∗ Cruelty-free & vegan products only
∗ Sometimes includes full-size products
∗ Shipping included in price & no COD
∗ 1 week shipping (to Toronto)
∗ Email sent to notify box was shipped out & includes tracking number
∗ All packaging included is recyclable

∗ Billed in USD so price will fluctuate depending on exchange rate

OVERALL: 5 out of 5

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection in Canada

Bold Metals Collection

As a huge fan of the Real Techniques brush line, I was really excited to see the video by Pixiwoo on the launch of their Bold Metals collection. These are their higher end brushes geared towards makeup artists and are at a higher price point than their regular line. One of my first questions when I found out about the brushes was, when will they be available in Canada?!

I corresponded with the Canadian distributors of the Real Techniques brushes, Farleyco on whether the collection will be available in Canada. As of right now they are in the process of trying to bring these here, and no set date has been revealed. I suspect that this won’t happen for at least a few months, so the only way to get these brushes is to head down to the States or get someone to ship them to you.

Currently the brushes are only sold at Ulta in the U.S.A. and Boots in the U.K.

Are Method Cleaning Products Testing on Animals?

Cruelty-free (no animal testing) Yes
Gluten-free Yes
Paraben-free Yes
Phthalate-free Yes
SLS-free No
Vegan (no animal-derived products) Yes

Company Profile:
Method is a company founded in 2000 out of San Francisco, U.S.A. by Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan. The company’s mandate is to create “happy, healthy homes” free from toxic chemicals by creating cleaning products made from safe, natural ingredients. They are also work out of a LEED-certified building and are a B-corporation.

They offer a variety of cleaning supplies including laundry detergent, hand soap, diswashing detergent, body products, and many others.

Animal Testing:
Here is their statement on animal testing off of their website:

“never. method is 100% cruelty-free, has never tested its products nor their ingredients on animals and does not endorse, request nor commission any animal testing on our behalf.

method works with suppliers to ensure that no animal testing ever be done in the development of ingredients for our products. some suppliers of the more commonly used ingredients in cleaning and personal care products have been in production for over 50 years, and have performed animal testing in this time. method does not solicit, endorse, nor encourage animal testing from its suppliers; however, we bare no effect on testing done prior to our existence. given that the vast majority of regulatory agencies in the world have historically preferred animal testing to gauge the safety of materials, the number of possible ingredients that have been animal tested at some point in their history is huge.

method has a forward-looking approach to making animal testing obsolete. we obtain statements from our suppliers that no testing is done on our behalf, and have lobbied to gain acceptance for our non-animal product testing protocols from various regulatory agencies, consumers, and others. for our product safety testing we use in-vitro (non-animal), simulated skin and eye irritation tests, and have been successful in arguing that various federal and state agencies should accept these test methods in the place of animal test results.
these efforts were part of the reason PETA named our two co-founders, Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, people of the year for 2006 for their leadership in cruelty-free business practices and gave method a ‘proggy’ award that same year.”

Here is their statement on using animal-derived ingredients:

all method products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Here is their statement on using gluten in their products:

all of method’s products are 100% gluten-free and safe for those with Celiac disease.

For more information check out the FAQ page on Method’s website.