Are EOS Products Tested on Animals?

Do they test their products on animals? No EOS’ Facebook page – Customer question
Do they use third party testing? No EOS’ Facebook page – Customer question
Do they use ingredients tested on animals? No EOS’ Facebook page – Customer question
Are they owned by a parent company who tests on animals? They are a private company EOS’ LinkedIn pageCompany Bio
Are their products vegan (they contain no animal ingredients)? No, they use beeswax. Smooth Lip Sphere Balm page Ingredients List
Do they sell in countries that require animal testing? Yes, they sell in China. See screenshots below
Are they on Peta’s cruelty-free list? No They’re not on Peta’s Companies Don’t Test list
Are they certified by Leaping Bunny? No Not on Leaping Bunny’s Color Cosmetics list

A reader of mine was kind enough to share her screenshots of the emails she had with EOS. They clearly stated that they sell in China, which means their products are subjected to animal testing. I am therefore classifying them as not cruelty-free and will no longer be purchasing their products.

EOS Sells In China

Quick Facts on Animal Testing in Canada

The Humane Society International – Canada produced a Q&A quick sheet to shed light on animal testing in Canada. Many of the resources I find online are about the American market so it was great to come across this.

Quick Facts:
1. Animal testing is NOT required by Health Canada but it is not banned either
2. There are more than 20,000 safe raw ingredients in existence
3. Animal testing has its limitations and are often not reliable
4. More than 40 non-animal tests are available
You can read the entire list here: Q&A: Cosmetic Testing in Canada.

For more information about animal testing check out the following resources:
Humane Society International – Canada
Leaping Bunny

Makeup Looks Using Makeup Geek’s Vegas Lights Palette

I don’t think I really have to explain how addicted I am to Makeup Geek shadows. If you take a look at my instagram account (hotashi_s), you’ll see that I use MUG shadows in pretty much all my looks. Peach Smoothie is my go-to browbone colour and in my world, nothing else compares to it. When Marlena (owner of MUG) announced that they were coming out with their first palette I signed up right away. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed and I wasn’t.

Now there are plenty of reviews already on this palette so I won’t do one. If you want to see a good review from a fellow darker skinned blogger, check out this one by Total Makeup Junkie 101.

I’ve been playing with this palette a lot and trying to come up with various different looks, many of which I posted on Instagram. So here are some of them for you to get ideas for. The first two only used the palette and the third used other MUG shadows as well. Now keep in mind that I was wearing these looks to work so I couldn’t get crazy with them.

Look 1: SinCity (eyelid), DesertSands (crease), Mirage (browbone highlight) and Casino (tear duct)

Look 2: Mirage (browbone highlight), DesertSands (crease), Roulette (top lid), #adaBing (outer corner), and Casino (lower lid)


#motd is using the @makeupgeektv #vegaslightspalette – #Mirage (browbone highlight), #DesertSands (crease), #Roulette (top lid), #BadaBing (outer corner), and #Casino (lower lid). #crueltyfree #makeup #makeuplook #palette #brownskin #blackeyes

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Look 3: Peach Smoothie (Browbone), Bitten (Crease), Roulette (Lid) Burlesque (Outer third) Corrupt (Outer corner), and Shimma Shimma (Tear duct) *only Roulette is from the Vegas Lights palette

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